HEESEMANN DB-S Planetary unit

Disc brush unit

The planet unit DB-S by manufacturer HEESEMANN is applied on wide belt sanders and intermediate sanding machines when importance is set on an even sanding image, With the sanding brushes, light depths can be sanded out as well. For the sanding of workpieces with deep profiles HEESEMANN offers the RUT disc brushing unit an.

Construction and function

The unit consists of 5 heads, which carry 2 disc brushe rotating around their axis each. The heads are alligned tranversally over the sanding width in a line and rotate around their own axis. Thus two overlapping movements create an even sanding image in combination with the giving sanding brushes. Broached wood fibres are simultaneously removed which leads to a smooth surface after coating.

In order to change the sanding brush more easily the unit can be retracted laterally from the machine.


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Images and Videos

DB-S Planetenaggregat, seitliche Ausziehvorrichtung
DB-S Planetenaggregat