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Guide to edge banding machines (overview)

Invest, but in the right way!

What is important when purchasing an edgebanding machine

If edgebanding machiens are running old or are not meeting the current requirements any more, a replacement is in order. Norman Schmidt, market and engineering expert at Höchsmann knows what to consider when buying an edgebanding machine.


Which edgebanding machine is right for handicraft business depends on an entire series of factors. Not only balancing quantitative and qualitative expectations is to be considered (expense for rework, retrofitting times...) with available possibilities (space, budget...).

To pin down quality of an edgebanding machine to the brand is pointless. All European manufacturers move on high ground, really bad machines do not exist. If one uses an edgebanding machine and is satisfied with the brand, acquiring machines of the same brand can have a point. As one is already alligned with the operating philosophy and known with the software of the manufacturer and may have already had contact to the service provider. It may also be worth considering the circumstance that depending on manufacturer preferably right and left machines are produced and that one orientates to the optimal workpiece flow. Also dicisions already used in companies AV-Software may influence a decision.

In this purchase advise session important questions are discussed before the purchase of a stationary edgebanding machine (single-sided and only for straight, not profiled workpiece edges). That edges glue on with manual units and onto the CNC is not part of this contribution, just as little special processes such as e.g. Soft- and Postforming.


Section 1: Selection of edge materials
Section 2: Feedrate
Section 3: Panel cuts and jointing cutter
Section 4: Glue technology
Section 5: Units for processing
Section 6: Control and adjustment
Section 7: Spraying unit
Section 8: Budget
Section 9: What is to be considered as well

This advisor has been published parallel in the magazine DDS (02/2019) - the magazine for furniture and interior construction.

The author

Norman Schmidt is team leader in purchase and sales. He has over 25 years of experience in international machine trade in command.

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Checking the edge quality