Guide to edge banding machines | 2

Which throughput is it about?

Usually manufacturers offer different performance classes. Beginner machines with low feedrates (e.g. 5 m/min) are naturally cheaper than quick edgebanding machines.

In the handicraft only rarely feeds higher than 25 m/min are used. The rule applies that the machines with an increasingly higher-becoming feed also become correspondingly more stabil and longer.

When watching the feedrate one cannot presuppose that not all units can be always used on the machine with maximum speed. Often there are restrictions in the field edge rounding units. Thus the maximum feedrate can amount e.g. 16 m/min when using the edgerounding unit only with 11 m/min.

One has to consider whether the operator is to chase the workpieces during processing or a second person takes on the workpieces at the end of the machine. Increasing salariesand salary-based incidental expenses bring also automatic workpiece return flows into play.

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