Guide to edge banding machines | 3

Where are panel formatted?

The workpiece edges look very different, when panels arrive at the edgebending machine. The cut could have taken place on saw machines (panel saw, vertical panel saw, horizontal panel saw) or the panel could have been formatted on a CNC. When internally transporting damages may occur. A problematic room climate may also be fatal as between formatting and edging too much time passes and the clamping plate begins to swell.

To be absolutely sure, buy a machine with jointing cutter. This unit joints the edges clean from each gluing respectively with two milling spindles and tools. To prevent a tear at the end of the panel, one spindle works in counter-flow and one in synchronisation whereas the synchronising panel naturally takes over the processing of the last piece of the panel. At this stage the use of robust diamond milling tools make sense which are visibly more expensive when buying but in return have a visibly longer duration.

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