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Guide to CNC machining centres (overview)

Invest, but do it right!

What's important when buying a CNC-machining centre

The purchase of a new CNC-machining centre is a popular subject of diploma thesis and term papers as many factors have to be considered for economically sensible use. But not everyone has a diploma student in command and especially smaller businesses often make decisions based on fewer criterias.

The small purchase advise is to help finding the right machine and focuses on the essential components of CNC-machining centres. A thorough rating of all aspects or an economical calculation cannot be carried out though.


Section 1: Construction and machine table
Section 2: Extraction and equipping
Section 3: Safety device
Section 4: Stops and working spheres
Section 5: Drilling and sawing
Section 6: Tool changing machine
Section 7: Axis
Section 8: Spindle performance
Section 9: Gluing edges
Abschnitt 10: Software

This guide has been parallelly published in the magazine DDS (03/2019) - the magazine for furniture and construction.

The author

Norbert Zeller is the senior product manager CNC machining centres of Höchsmann. During his career he's gained experience with machines of all relevant manufacturers.

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