CNC-machining centre especially designed for Nesting machining. Sophisticated model in gantry design with high feedrates and several equipment options, e.g. comparably large Z-axis, in order to be able to apply the 5-axis spindle drive 5 CS. The Nesting machine can be equipped with fitting insertion units, which supply fittings and hinges to flush-mounted connectors which manage without processing of the narrow sides, e.g. Lamello Cabineo.

The machine has been designed for the automatisation and will be offered with different automatisation degrees and concepts, such as automatic feed via robots or lifting tables and automatic deloading via robots as well as automatic labelling systems.

Equipment features for the introduction in 2019

  • Working field: x = 3100mm / y = 2250mm / z = 210mm
  • two synchronized, digital servo-drive in x-direction
  • two independent Z-Achsen in combination with drilling gears
  • two drilling gears with 12 or 21 drilling spindles
  • 14-times tool changer in x-direction, going along
  • several milling spindles with 3,4 or 5 axis and 10 or 13,2 kW
  • vector speed X/Y 130 m/min
  • MATRIX-table PRO with segmenting of the vacuum zone in 4 identically-sized areas (Multizone-Vacuum)
  • software: intelliDivide, cabinetCreator (optional)


CENTATEQ N -600 Technische Daten
HOMAG, 2019
HOMAG, 2019
CENTATEQ N -600 Verbinder setzen
HOMAG, 2019
CENTATEQ N -600 klappbarer Übergabeplatz
HOMAG, 2019
CENTATEQ N -600 Roboteranbindung
HOMAG, 2019

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