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Dismantling instructions


The tables have to be separated from the basic machine. Machines with separate control cabinets are to be checked for the possibility to connect it with the basic machine on a base frame for the transport (Image A). This saves up on time when excluding and returning to service.

Pivotable construction groups have to affixed to the machine.

Control panels, especially the screen, should be protected against damages.

The saw carriage has to be secured from processings (image B), with either infeed specific to the manufacturer or lashing straps.

Machines which are designed for crane loading are in need of special loading irons the basic machine (image C and D).

For securing the programmable stop and the taverses, a wooden beam construction with threaded rods is recommended.

(Image F) and (Image E).

Possibly additional feeder (Image G).

Important accessory:

  • Sawblades
  • Keys for tool changing
  • Machine bases
  • Documentation:
  • Machine manual
  • Programming manual
  • Electrical control plan
  • Pneumatic plan
  • Spare parts list
  • Software
  • Dongle
  • Data saving


Abbildung B: Sägewagensicherung mit Schraube (Holzma)
Abbildung C: Anhängen mit Rundstangen
Abbildung D: Anhängen mit Vorrichtung
Abbildung E: Bündelung Traversen, Programmschieber
Abbildung F: Luftkissentische
Abbildung G: Beschickungseinrichtung