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Guide to beamsaws (overview)

Invest, but do it right!

What's important when buying a beamsaw

If, when cutting panel material, the desire or need for more accuracy or higher performance arises, it's time to deal with panel saws. The market offers various cutting solutions, which each have their benefits.


Section 1: Sawing types
Section 2: Manual feed ...
Section 3: ... and automatic
Section 4: Area storage system
Section 5: Equipment: What do I need?
Section 6: Machine table and programmable stop
Section 7: What else is to be considered
Section 8: Contorl and software
Section 9: Optimisation and management of remains

This guide has been parallelly published in the magazine DDS (07/2019) - the magazine for furniture and construction.

The author

Marco Laudel is the senior product manager of Höchsmann. He sheds light on the most important criteria when buying a horizontal beamsaw.


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