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Dismantling instructions

Edgebanding machines

First check if the manufacturer has intended a transporting position. In what way is the hood locked, do I even get it open without electricity, which is possibly necessary in order to secure the machine onto the lorry with securing straps.

All units are to be secured individually, and sometimes using cable straps suffices. Is the monitor safely packed, even in a way that other possible goods on the lorry won't be able to damage it? Is the arm of the monitor being supported to intercept any pivoting movement by the lorry? Is the edge plate dismantled to save space on the lorry? How heavy is the machine, does it have to be stored in the centre of the lorry? Do I need loading bars and traverses or is the machine suitable for loading with forklifts? When loading, it's essential not to pull the straps over the hood, only a few of them would withstand this.