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The mobile zero-joint edge banding machine HIT-M was first presented in 2018 by the manufacturer Maschinen- und Aggregatebau Kluge. A construction site compressor and a 230V light current connection are required for operation. This allows the use not only in small companies but especially on large construction sites in the object furnishing. Shaped parts and inclined narrow side can be edged with this system. Currently (status 2019) two types are available, see below.

Edge material

As Edge material the commercially available pre- and post-coated edge with functional layer (so-called "laser edges") in caliper from 0.4 to 3 mm can be used.


Instead of the usual glue pot the HIT-M is equipped with a hot air unit which reaches an operating temperature of over 400°C within 30 seconds. Special nozzles distribute the outflowing, highly heated compressed air evenly over the functional layer the edge material and cause it to melt. Under the pressure of the user, the pressure roller presses the edge material against the workpiece so that the functional layer intrudes the workpiece material.


The HIT-M can be reequipment into a small-stationary zero-joint contour edgebander by means of the BAT work table. A roller table provides the material-friendly support and the optional suction clamping system for fixing the workpieces.


The HIT-M is available from Kluge Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG as well as MAFELL AG and their dealership network.


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mobile edge banding device