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Condition glue nozzle

The gluing and finishing of edge material on edge banding machines is a complex process with many adjustment possibilities. The exact and uniform glue application plays a decisive role in this process. Essential is the condition the glue nozzle - also called glue comb due to its surface.

Causes for defective gluing

  • Wear of the glue comb
  • As the edges of the work piece come into contact with the glue comb during the gluing process, the sharp edge wear out over time. This is clearly visible in the lower area of the glue comb, where basically every workpiece slides past. If you compare this area with the upper area, wider, shiny surfaces are noticeable when the glue application is worn.
  • Effect: Uneven wear means uneven glue application, incorrect gluing, quality defects.

  • Soiling of the glue nozzle/ of the dosing unit through glue residuals

  • Glue cartridges or granulate are overaged or contaminated


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