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Guide to wide belt sanders (overview)

Invest, but invest properly!

What is important when buying a Wide belt sander

The wide belt sander is probably the most individual machine in woodworking: Aggregates and equipment must be selected to suit the company's requirements.

For those who process panel-shaped workpieces in large quantities and strive for a uniform appearance of the products, the wide belt sanding machine is the right choice. Also the conversion to a new coating system or a change of the product portfolio can make the purchase of a new wide belt sander necessary.


Section 1: Finding the right machine
Section 2: Calibrating and Levelling
Section 3: Fine sanding
Section 4: Cross and diagonal sanding
Section 5: Fine or lacquer sanding
Section 6: Segmental pressure pad
Section 7: Effect sanding and structuring
Section 8: Further technical refinements 1
Section 9: Further technical refinements 2
Section 10: Conclusion

This guide was also published in the magazine for furniture and interior design DDS - das Magazin für Möbel und Ausbau (11/2019)

The author

Titus Polei is Senior Product Manager for the specialist areas of sanding Technology and edge banding technology at Höchsmann GmbH Klipphausen and one of the most active editors in the online wood technology lexicon WOOD TEC PEDIA.


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