Planer aggregate

Cutter Head Planer (planer aggregate)

The aggregate is available as a version with front-sided access to the tool or with the possibility to take out the planer shaft from the side; the second version (picture) facilitates cleaning and service and is particularly suitable for machines that are integrated into processing lines.

The CHP-aggregate allows cutting depths of up to 3 mm. Such a result can usually only be achieved using at least three calibrating aggregates with particularly powerful engines (50 - 60 PS each) and sanding belt grain 40 - 60.

HSR (hanging side rails):

Planer shaft suspension on rails, so that the entire unit can be taken out at the side of the machine for service, e.g. exchange of the turnplate cutters.

Alternative terms

  • Planer shaft group
  • Planer shaft aggregate
  • Cutter block aggregate


Hobelaggregat CHP

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