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Range of wide belt sanders from the Italian manufacturer DMC. The machines in this range are modular by design, i.e. depending on the length of the machine it is possible to install an arbitrary number of aggregates in any desired sequence. A reorganisation of the aggregates is possible with varying sanding tasks.

SYSTEM machines can be equipped as universal sanding machines for small and medium sized operations, as well as for highly specialised applications in industrial operations.

Type overview

The digits in the type designation stand for the number of aggregates that can be installed inside the machine housing. It also is possible here to attach cross sanding units outside the housing. A SYSTEM T5 can therefore be equipped with 5 internal sanding aggregates and 2 external cross sanding units. Aggregates here include sanding aggregates, brushing units etc.

SYSTEM BT Machines that sand from the top and bottom
SYSTEM TT Machines with 2 cross sanding units} behind each other

Equipment features

The machines are designed for industrial use and equipped with corresponding labour-saving equipment e.g. automatic aggregate locking, laterally extensible orbital and cross sanding units, etc.

WAVE Electronic positioning system on the calibrating roller for 'Wave Finish'
PWM Segmental pressure pad with 3-stage pressure level
HYDRA V-Pad Touchscreen control
Segmented table
EPICS Segmental pressure pad


SYSTEM BT22 2220
DMC, 2013
DMC, 2012

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