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HOMAG Manual cross-cut device for butt joint gluing

Additional device for CNC-machining centres with a Edge gluing unit of the row easyEdge and easyEdge 2.

Due to their design, the easyEdge gluing unit are not suitable for all-round gluing of workpieces with edge joints. However, Homag offers the option of leaving an edge projection in the program and then manually creating the joint with the optional manual cross-cut device.

The trimming device trace the end of the already glued edgeband and trims the other end at exactly this length.

Furthermore, the cross-cut device contains a hot air blower with which the hotmelt is reactivated.

The edge material is then pressed on with the felt block, which is also included in the scope of delivery, and the joint is smoothed so that the edge joint is glued with similar precision as with fully automatic gluing with the powerEdge aggregate can be executed.

However, due to the high manually effort involved, this variant is rather unsuitable for industrial use and is all used for manual work where only a few moulded parts with all-round gluing are produced.


Homag Handkappvorrichtung für Stoßverleimung mit easyEdge und easyEdge 2
HOMAG, 2010