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Blow-off device

A cleaning device for abrasive belt, workpiece and feeding belt working with compressed air.

It can be supplied with air from a compressed air system or from it's own air fan. The reduction of air consumption is possible e.g. by timed control . So the nozzles only work as long as the workpiece is being processed by the corresponding aggregate.

Sanding belt cleaning

The belt cleaning in wide belt sanders is done with compressed air from oscillating nozzles. Particularly effective are nozzles directly at the pulley in a suction tube. Due to the tension of the sanding belt at the pulley the spaces between the abrasive grains are enlarged, so the dust which is stuck between can be blown out.

The sanding belt cleaning ensures a uniform 'fine' surface image and increases the life of the sanding belt.

Alternative names from some manufacturers:

Workpiece Cleaning

Especially for sanding machines in lacquer lines there is a need for automatic workpiece cleaning. Before lacquer application the workpieces must be absolutely free from dust, but shouldn´t be taken off the production process manually after sanding. If the cleaning process is not carried out by special brushing machines, the widebelt sanding machine has to be equipped with the respective workpiece cleaning systems. The blow-off device consists here mostly of rotating nozzles. In addition cleaning brushes (brushing unit) and ionisation systems are being used.

Alternative terms of some manufacturers:

Images and Videos

Oscillating nozzles of a SANDYA 600
SCM, 2016
Abstrahlsystem schematisch
Abblasdüsen mit Ionisiereinrichtung
Ionisierstab vor Rotationsgebläse
ES - Entstaubung
Rotierende Ausblasdüsen