Beamsaw as an Angle plant or a single machine with a high-speed loading system for narrow and thick panels, which is built in the Giben factory Impianti in Pianoro / Italy since 1999. It cuts packs up to height of 220 or even 310mm. For narrow and very thick MDF-panels a max. pack height of 140mm is recommended. There is an additional entire scratch system, which protects the material in the whoel area of the pusher.

Instead of the conventional single saw there are two main saw blades which share the cutting force between them and which achieve a doubled speed. The upper saw follows the cutting gap, which the lower saw cuts.

Another important feature is the use of two scoring units, of which one runs over and the other under the pack of panels. The idea of these scoring saws is to secure a good cutting quality of the package and especially of the upper sheet and also to extend the interval of resharpening. A pack of panel is cut in a way as if it would consist of two separate packs.

Advantages of two sawing aggregates:

  • longer cutting times of the main saws before they need to be sharpened and reduced saw dust amount per side
  • smaller saw blades with optimized vibration characteristics can be used
  • narrower cutting gap
  • less frequent sawblade change
  • higher cutting speed
  • Cutting height up to 310mm
  • Sawing carriage speed: up to 100m/min
  • Main engines: 2 x 30kW
  • Control: G-Drive



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