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Torque support

It is a device to attach aggregates for tool changers on a CNC-machining centre.

The purpose is to prevent the rotation of the entire aggregate, only the tool shall rotate.

This is normally done by means of a retaining bolt, which is attached on the angular aggregate. This engages in a corresponding depression on the machine, and thus fixes the position of the aggregate.

A torque support is usually used as a driver in order to generate the positioning motion in machines with a C-axis. For this purpose, it can rotate around the working spindle with a servo motor and thus take any position in an angle of 360 ° about the Z-axis.

Several manufacturers offer special forms with multiple retaining bolts or additional interfaces for pneumatics and electronics.

Alternative term

  • Torque arm
  • Unit interface


Hauptspindel mit Drehmomentstütze für die C-Achse
Haltebolzen für Drehmomentstütze an einem Aggregat
IMA, 2008
Hauptspindel mit 4-fach Drehmomentstütze
HOLZ-HER, 2009
Drehmomentstütze einer 5-Achs-Spindel Drive 5C+
HOMAG, 2009
Drehmomentstütze (rechts) und C-Achse (links)
BIESSE, 2005