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Reversion of rotation

Reversion of rotation for belt and roller brush sanding units

Possibility to use the sanding belt unit not only in up-cut but also in down-cut direction (workpiece feed and abrasive working direction have the same direction).

Normally the sanding belt of sanding roller aggregates or the brushing roller or the abrasive wheel rotates against the feed direction to achieve the highest possible chip removal. In some cases, however, it is not so much a depth of cut rate that is important, but rather a clean shearing of the wood fibres set up during calibration. In other cases, sensitivity is required, e.g. when sanding veneers or surfaces that have already been painted.

Alternative terms

  • Rotation reversal (Fa. DMC)

Reverse of rotation of disc brush sanding units

If the direction of rotation of the disc brush unit can be reversed, the brushes can be fitted with two different graining sizes. For example, in left-hand rotation with fine grain fine sanding and in right-hand rotation with very fine grain the lacquer sanding can be carried out.


DISCMASTER COMPACT, two-side assembled disc-tool
LÖWER, 2008