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HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH (panel sizing technology)

Until march 2017: HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH (panel sizing machine)

Technology leader and the world's largest manufacturer of beamsaws and - systems. The company is a member of HOMAG Group and is located in Calw-Holzbronn, Germany since 1987.



With the slogan 'One company - one brand' HOMAG changes the marketing strategy. In the future the panel sizing saw by HOLZMA, the edgebander machine by BRANDT, the CNC-machine by WEEKE or the sanding machine by BÜTFERING are all carrying the HOMAG logo.


HOLZMA celebrates its 50th anniversary with the resume 'We are division technology'. Number of employees at the head office in Holzbronn: 420


On the 1st May Wolfgang Augsten became the new CEO of the Holzbronner Manufacturer. Er tritt die Nachfolge von Holger Bomm an. Production are approx. 90.000 m².

Depending on year of construction and development HOLZMA used different names for beamsaws for example panel saws, cutting centers


marketing launch of the multiTec-Funktion; the company had approx. 420 employees


Acquisition of HOMAG Sawtech and renaming in HOLZMA SA


Enter to the HOMAG Group with 220 employees at that time


Establishment of HOLZMA U.S., sales and service, Gastonia/North Carolina


First order for a angle plant


The company's headquarters moved from Gechingen to Holzbronn. In the same year delivery of the first plant for dividing strips to England (including fully automatically stacking device of the cutting packages)


First beamsaw with pressure beam and electronic control of the width comes. From this time all saws were equipped with scoring aggregate (horizontally and vertically adjustable from the outside)


Detlef Jenkins (son of Erwin J.) took construction tasks; the company had 6 employees at that time


Own construction of the first horizontal saw with saw aggregat running under the table, mainly for splitting of solid wood, already including a hydraulic drive

May 1966

Erwin Jenker had the name "Holzma" registered as a trademark; Founding of the company 'HOLZMA'


'Type 41 S' for production of countersash-windows created - first own series machine, more than 1.000 times produced by the company Pfluka in Ofterdingen

since the mid-50's

Erwin Jenkins (an independent representative) produces different special machines according to his ideas and plans. (boring-, hinge-hole boring- and milling machines for the production of countersash-windows)

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HOLZMA, 2010

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Cross-cut saw
Stacking and destacking device
Lifting table
Label printer
Waste chopper
Drilling and fittings milling machine
Drilling and inserting automat
Multi-spindle milling and drilling machine
destacking device
Gantry feeder
Vertical panel saw
Single-panel saw
raw panel labelling system
Sliding table saw
Milling-,drilling-,inserting machine for fittings

Software (26)

Controls (19)

Aggregates (3)