HOLZMA Technology ecoPlus

Available equipment package for HOLZMA´s machines inter alia production series 3 that reduces energy consumption. According to the manufacturer a conservation of up to 20% can be achieved.

Technical implementation (selection)

  • Standby-button that sets all systems to a stand-by-mode
  • Use of EFF1 motors (energy-efficient motors)
  • Frequency-controlled main saw motors with bypass (additional equipment that saves energy and nevertheless allows short-term power peaks)
  • Flotating tables with a load-dependent fan that is only activated when air pressure sensors report material on the tables. The more material located on the table, the higher the fan power.
  • Performance indicator: operating software CADmatic shows the current energy consumption level in a special information window.
  • Controlled switching contact that allows more exact matching of the extraction system´s turn-on instant and turn-off instant.
  • Thinner saw blades for reduction of energy consumption and waste
  • Optimisation of extraction-relevant components, such as: geometry of the saw carriage/ the sawdust channel. By use of these and other measures the manufacturer achieves a reduction of the required extraction volume of up to 15%.

HOLZMA offered technologies to reduce energy consumption at first named "ecoLine" since 2009.

Since early 2011 exists an offered energy saving concept for all the Homag group machines named ecoPlus. Since then HOLZMA offers the equipment package under the same name.


ecoPlus Schalter für Standby
HOLZMA, 2010