HOLZMA Power Concept

Increase of output amount up to 40 % at HOLZMA beamsaws by means of simultaneous splitting of different formats of the pieces.

'Power Concept' as introduced by HOLZMA in 2007. Until the end of 2012 approx. 350 machines were sold worldwide.

Principal item: separate moveable and thereby seperate working grippers to the back supporting table's right guide beam, this allows cross cutting and longitudinal cutting at the same time.

Further characteristics of Power Concept (selection)

  • Grippers to the main pusher that are raised out of the working range on demand
  • Speed Package for saw carriage speeds up to 150 m/min
  • Time-optimised machine cycles by means of a special measuring system in two grippers for pre-positioning of the pressure beam
  • Broadened flotation table
  • Power Concept can be firmly connected with the main stroke by a lock, when strips with equal cross cuttings are used
  • Among others in 2013 available for profiLine models: HPL 300, HKL 300.