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HOLZMA VVS - Vertical postforming

The postforming saw blade moves perpendicular, cutting all edges of a panel package in one step up to 15 mm deep. This is achieved by a vertically moving standard scoring blade.

  • Market launch: 2010
  • Applicable saw blade projection: up to 90 mm
  • Conventional scoring saw blade is used
  • Setting via machine control CADmatic and the module Material Parameter
  • Special equipment for HOLZMA construction series 3


  • For straight paper, veneer or ABS coated edges


  • VVSH - classical soft-/ postforming scoring aggregate


HOLZMA, 2012
VVSH - Standard-Postforming
HOLZMA, 2012
Vertikales Vorritzen (Funktionsprinzip)
HOLZMA, 1998
Vertikales Vorritzaggregat
HOLZMA, 2005
Vertikales Vorritzaggregat
HOLZMA, 2005

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