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Short description

CNC-machining centre with edgebanding aggregate. In 1993, the CNC machining centers of the HOMAG group have been completely revised and new model series were introduced; the production of old models series , e.g. the HOMAG BAZ 10 were discontinued. So, initially, the BAZ 20 was introduced with the name HOMAG Genius B20.


The machine table was no longer seperated from the axle drives; the guides of the X-axis were vertically lying above each other. The machine had a fixed cantilever, the movement of the Y-axis was realized by the aggregates support only. For the first time, two separate Y-axes could be used, which were located on the sides of the cantilever. One Y-axis was used for all processing aggregates, the second Y-axis for the edgebanding aggregate. For the first time, one could also choose from a range of tool changers.

The BAZ 20 was offered with 4 different tables:

The type designations (see BAZ 10) were maintained. Available sizes were

  • 3.000 - 7.000 mm in X
  • 1.200 - 1.600 mm in Y

With the introduction of the BAZ 20 and the use of a tool changer, the interface HSK-F63 became the standard of the HOMAG group. Similarly, only the working spindle, a drilling unit as well as an optional groove saw were available on the aggregates support. Instead, HOMAG offered a variety of aggregates for tool changers.

During the prudction period, many innovations of the HOMAG group were also made available for the BAZ 20, like for example the K-table. The production of the BAZ 20 was discontinued in 2001.

Images and Videos

BAZ 20
HOMAG, 1994
Kantenanleimaggregat BAZ 20
HOMAG, 1995
Aggregateträger Kantenanleimaggr. BAZ 20
HOMAG, 1999

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