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Short description

CNC-machining centre with edgebanding aggregate, which was introduced by HOMAG in 1995. The BAZ 30 was presented under the name Genius B30 by HOMAG in 1995. It was meant to be a low-cost alternative to the expensive BAZ 20.


The machine was based on the same basic configuration as the BAZ 20, but had far fewer options. Initially, the machine was only available with a pod and rail table with a size of 3.250 x 1.200 mm. A short time later, the machine was also available with a table length of 5.000 mm.

For the first time, as an affordable alternative to an edgebanding aggregate with its own Y-axis, a solution with an edgebanding aggregate insertable into the working spindle was presented.

2 versions were available:

  • A 4-sides gluing aggregate, which offered limited possibilities. In particular, it was not possible to glue joint edges. The aggregate could also only process pre-coated edges.
  • A 360° gluing aggregate with its own glue pot, which also allowed the gluing of joint edges.

The use of exchangeable edgebanding aggregates was made possible by the introduction of a new aggregate interface, which offered a supply for the pneumatic as well as for an electronic interface in addition to a support for horizontal aggregates and a C-axis.

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