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Short description

CNC-machining centre with edgebanding aggregate, which was built by HOMAG from about 1995 until 2003. The series BAZ 32 and BAZ 31 were introduced as affordable alternative to the BAZ 20.


These machines were only available in 2 different table sizes:

  • 4.000 mm table length and 1.200 mm table width
  • 6.000 mm table length and 1.200 mm table width

as well as 2 table versions:

The machining center BAZ 32 was equipped with a firmly installed edgebanding aggregate, with its own Y-axis.

By introducing an aggregate interface with pneumatic and electronic connections, it was possible to use a variety of different aggregates on this machine. The machine was equipped with a working spindle with 7.5 kW and aggregate interface as well as C-axis. This could be supplemented by a drilling unit, a horizontal drilling aggregate and a groove saw.

Images and Videos

BAZ 32
HOMAG, 1996
BAZ 32/50/G
HOMAG, 1999
BAZ 32
HOMAG, 1996
Fest install.Kantenanleimagg. BAZ 32
HOMAG, 1999
HOMAG BAZ 32 /30/G
HOMAG, 2016

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Types of the series HOMAG BAZ