Name for an aggregate Interface of the HOMAG Group, which was developed in cooperation with the aggregate manufacturer Benz.

Flex5plus are aggregate's with the tool interface HSK-F63. These can be exchanged via the tool changer. The Flex5plus interface makes processing with 5 axes possible on a 4-axis machine with the appropriate aggregates. The 5th axis is a positioning axis and cannot be an interpolating axis due to the principle. The adjustment of the 5th axis is performed between individual processing steps by the drive of the C-Axis.

Unlike Flex5, the Flex5plus aggregate has its own interface for exchanging tools on a separate tool changer. This tool Interface is a house development, based on the standard HSK-40.

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Flex 5 Plus Aggregat
HOMAG, 2016
Homag Flex5+ Aggregat mit Werkzeugwechsler und passenden Werkzeugen
HOMAG, 2016
Homag Flex5+ Aggregat mit Säge

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