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Numerical control of the Homag-Group. Used around the early 1990s on CNC-machining centres such as, for example, the Homag BAZ 10. With the adjustment of the design in 1996 it was finally replaced by the Homatic NC 83.


  • Real-time operating system OS-9
  • Menu-guided graphical user interface
  • Multiprocessor 32-bit IPC
  • 120Mb hard disk space
  • 3 1/2 inch floppy drive
  • 14 inch color monitor
  • Serial interface
  • RS232 interface

CNC path control

  • 3D - Interpolation linear
  • 2 1/2D - Interpolation circular
  • 4 axis control (X, Y, Z, C)
  • C-Axis as coupled axis to the X-, Y-axis
  • Following error control
  • Entry system for dimensions metric / inch
  • Ramp setting for gentle and fast positioning
  • Input / output unit 0,001 mm
  • Interpolation range plus / minus 2.00 m
  • Influence of through-feed (override) possible at any time
  • Block change time <20 ms
  • Direct link to the Homatic-SPS
  • Alarm texts in plain text
  • Programming with commands of the programming language "C" possible (IF, ELSE, CASE, FOR, etc.)

Machine control