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Data save-programmable machine control of the Homag-Gruppe, based on Windows-PC.


  • Multi-channel technology enables the simultaneous processing of two workpieces with two separate aggregates
  • Fiber optic cables prevent the disturbing influence of electromagnetic waves of drives, etc. on the signal transmission.
  • 'Total Measurement System' minimizes waiting times, which arise by referencing.
  • SPS programming according to IEC61131 international standard allows worldwide machinery maintenance.
  • Graphical representation of the optimal workpiece orientation and suction cup positions
  • Graphic support for all functions, for example by thumbnails in the file manager
  • Ability to control a projection laser
  • Workshop-oriented programming with the software woodWOP 5.0
  • Can be integrated into the control of a manufacturing cell or a machine line integrable using woodLine
  • Graphic-based tool database
  • Effector coordinate system (ECS) with graphical support
  • Representation of the processing steps on the monitor during machining
  • IPO Intelligent Process Optimization when using the multi-channel technology
  • Second hard drive for permanent 1:1 data backup (cloning)
  • supports 27 languages (Maschines with PC 85 until 2012 (year of construction)
  • Machines from 2013 on will be delivered in series in German and English language. Further languages are upgradable


  • Control through bar code reading system
  • Diagnostic system woodScout
  • Graphical representation of the tool wear

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Homag powerControl PC 85, frei hängende Variante
HOMAG, 2004
Sprachauswahl PC85
HOMAG, 2008
Homag Powercontrol PC85, fest am Schaltschrank installierte Variante
HOMAG, 2008

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