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Version of the WOP-Software woodWOP. They have been applied on the CNC-machining centres by HOMAG group from ca. 1999 - 2003 and have been designed as brighe version from the get-go, which has already contained many technologies of the Version 5.

For the customers, who run machines with adhering parts, the version jump in 1999 to the woodWOP 4.5 was essential progress. Initially in the market the automatic C-axis pan has been created. The necessary C-axis adjustment with curved contours took place from this version on automatically. With this, the programming of units, which has facilitated the usage of the interpolishing C-axis essentially.

In addition for the woodWOP 4.5 the work has been made essentially easier. With this component browser Mosaic the user has the possibility to draw the workpieces simply with the mouse per drag and drop. Via tool offsets or allocation of arbitrary coordination systems the components can virtually be placed at any location.

also known as: woodWOP 4.5 Silverstone