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Corner rounding unit

Aggregate on edgebanders for the rounding of the corners of plastic edges and edges of posts and softformin parts.


The workpiece corners are sharp after the edge banding. Follower rolls recopy the corners of the workpiece leading and rear edge. So the profile of the workpiece is transfered by milling to the workpiece corners. As the the workpiece edges were already rounded by the radius milling unit, the rounding is applied to the corners or copied.


Depending on the level of the Edgebander and the manufacturer Corner rounding units can be constructed very differently. The motor has to be able to move along the corner with its cutting tool. Furthermore the motor has to move vertical an horizontal simultaneously.This is possible by pivoting arms, by guidance on horizontal and vertical guides or by mounting the engine in a horizontal metal ring, which also serves as a guide. The scanning of the rounded edge of the workpiece made by a following disc.


Most of the manufacturers offering depending on the feed rate Copy corner units with one, two or four engines. Corner units can also have the additional function as a radius milling unit like the Multifunctional trimming unit with corner rounding from Brandt. In highly automated machines sometimes the tools are changeable with a automatic tool changer.

  • Critics for the number of motors:
  • 1 motor: if on the basis of compact machine measurings not much space is available and the budget is limited. The processing of postforming parts is limitedly possible according to the unit.
  • 2 motors: Usually allow higher processing speeds and facilitate additionally for edgerounding the processing of the top and bottom edge protrusions over the entire workpiece length. According to the unit, many postforming profiles can be processed.

Toolchanger exists only for 2-motor edgerounding units (state 2018)

  • 4 motors: every edge will be processed from a separate motor through which the millings in synchronization and therefore the processing of veneer edges are facilitated.

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Corner rounding
Eckenkopieraggregat 1832
SCM, 2017
Corner rounding with 4 motors on pivoting arms
Werkzeug mit Tastscheibe
OTT, 2005
2 Motoren auf Schwenkarmen