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CNC-machining centre with a wide range of equipment options, which was available with or without an edgebanding aggregate and which was produced by IMA from 1998 until 2007.

In 1998, IMA revised all their existing model series, changed their model policy as well as their model names. With the model BIMA 410, IMA introduced a machine with a large working range, which could be adapted to customer requirements but which also already had a variety of options in its equipment catalog.

Equipment BIMA 410

  • At launch, the machine was offered with pod and rail table. The available lengths were 3.000 - 6.000 mm (in intervals of 1.000 mm, variations on customer request were possible) in X as well as 1.200 mm in Y
  • Working spindle with 7.5 kW with C-axis and a ride-along disc tool changer in X with 12 exchange positions.


  • Drilling aggregate with 12 vertical drilling spindles
  • Tool changer with 18 exchange positions

Equipment BIMA 410V

  • with a 2nd Y-axis and separate edgebanding aggregate

In 2001, revision of the model series:

  • Expansion of the Y-axis to 1.200 mm
  • 18-fold disc tool changer becomes standard
  • New drilling aggregate with 14 drills vertical and 6 drills horizontal
  • Groove saw traversable by 90 degrees

Optionally available were:

  • LED positioning aid
  • Working spindle with 12 kW
  • Additional free space for another router head

In 2003, the model BIMA 410 concept Plus was introduced, as a modular systems with additional options, such as:

  • Another drilling unit
  • Working spindles with 3 powers
  • Newly developed gluing aggregate (VT 100)
  • Up to 12 horizontal drilling aggregates
  • Expansion of the working range in Y to 1.600 mm

In 2007, the series BIMA 410 was discontinued and was succeeded by the BIMA 400 series.


BIMA 410
IMA, 2001
IMA, 2004
Aggregateträger BIMA 410V
BIMA 410V Verleimteil VT 100
IMA, 2003
BIMA 410V Verleimteil
IMA, 2010
BIMA 410
IMA, 2008

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