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Small edgebander for use in crafts companies. Because of only a few processing aggregates, high feed rate and a workpiece return, the machines can be efficiently operated by one man.


All QuadroMat machines are equipped with a PLC control and they have a workpiece return.

Type designations

1./2. digit Length of the machine
Last digit (s) maximum edgeband thickness
L12 Processes strip material up to a thickness of 12 mm
R3 Processes roll material up to a thickness of 3 mm
U Universal machines with individual equipment
F With premilling unit

Example: Quadromat 4012F, 4.000 mm long, 12 mm max. edgeband thickness with premilling unit

Technical data

  • Workpiece thickness up to 50 mm
  • Edge thickness, see type designation
  • Feed rate 18 m/min


200 Machines of the green series (produced in the 1990s)
2.100s Smallest machines of the white series
3.000s From this type and up: pre-heating of the workpiece edge, profile scraper and buffing unit
3.500s From this type and up: corner rounding unit and flat scrapers
4.000s F Machine equipped with premilling unit


Quadromat R3

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