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Former brand of todays Elumatec AG until 1984 in Mühlacker, as well as today's brand deWalt up until 2001.

The company Elu has been originally founded in 1928 by Eugen Lutz, whose name has been abbreviated to Elu for the company's name.

In the 1980's the company Elu used to have two branches:

  • stationary machines for the processing of plastic and metal profiles
  • Woodworking machines and manual gadgets

In 1984 the branch woodworking machines and electric hand tools as well as the brand name ELU had been sold to Black & Decker and, for the time being, had been continued by them without any changes.

The branch stationary machines had been continued under the label elumatec at the Mühlacker location.

In 1992 Black & Decker introduced the brand Marke deWalt, which up until then had only been rederved for radial arm saws, for the field of professional power tools. The power tool, which has been distributed in Europe under the brand ELU, have become increasingly similar in construction to the deWalt models.

In 2001 the brand ELU has been completely replaced by deWalt and the former production site in Europe has been closed.


Logo (bis etwa 2000)


Mobile dust extraction
Combined surface/ thickness planing machine
Bench saw
Undercut drag saw
Feeding unit
Chain mortiser
Double mitre Saw
Multi support drilling system for line and dowel drillings
Carving machine
Copy milling machine for plastic window production
Circular saw for metal