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MAKA Systems GmbH

German manufacturer of CNC technology, which is internationally active in the area of woodworking (facades, furniture, doors, windows, stairs) as well as in the automotive, aircraft, rail vehicle, caravan, yacht, storefront and model building. Especially is to point out the development and the production of CNC-special machines with 5-axes-technology. The company is based in Nersingen (near Ulm).

Currently produced woodworking machinery (2019)


  • BC 570
  • CR 27
  • CR 27 TBZ
  • MK 7
  • PE 90
  • PM Modular
  • PM 270
  • SM 20

  • Both these currently, and former produced types and series can be found in the column "Series".



The MAKA System GmbH has been sold to the Chinese company CSG Smart Science & Technology Co LTD.


The new product series PE 90 was introduced on the fair Holz-Handwerk.


June: appr. 130 employees


After the company filed for bankruptcy in march, a few months later the investor Prolimity Capital Partners takes over MAKA and ensures the continuation. The company now operates under the name MAKA Systems GmbH and moves to the old rooms in Nersingen. The carpentry machines and the supply with spare parts for the mortisers of MAKA are taken over by Degema and at the location in Nersingen they continue to produce CNC machines.


On the LIGNA the company demonstrated that robotics can also mill and not only feed.


On March 31st, 2009, the producing of mortisers stopped.


Beginning of the robotics age through cooperation with Kuka robotics.


Reintegration of the trading company MAKA GmbH to the parent company Max Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH on the 01st January 2006. Thus, the areas CNC special machines and carpentry machines are united under the name "MAKA Max Mayer Maschinenbau" again. In the trading program, the machines of Putsch-Meniconi adopted as MAKA machines.


The main markets of the CNC machines are Switzerland, the USA, England and France.


Environmental Award of the Federation of German Industry as partner of the thermoface-network.


The thermal smoothing of MDF on the PE 170 ensures savings during painting.


Machinery equipment with control systems from Siemens. MAKA cooperates in the CNC-sector with Anderson (Taiwan), to deliver affordable crafts machines (models MAKA TWIN and MAKA MOVE).


Development of machine series MD 6 for processing small parts and of machine series PE 170; 50 years MAKA.


Development of the machine series MM 7 series for processing plastics.


Patenting of the video positioning system. Development of machine series CM 27 for processing models and the bridge center BC 570 for processing large parts up to 20m.

  • From the late 1990s up to the middle of the 2000´s there was a partnership with Masterwood. The machines of the Winner and Project series completed the own product range for economically priced machines. They were sold under the own brand Maka.

Certification according to ISO 9001


Foundation of MAKA Machinery UK LTD, which represents the whole MAKA array of products and completes the European distribution system. Now in all important European states distribution partners working for MAKA exist.


Use of linear drives in CNC machines.


Beginning of the establishment of distribution and service partners in the USA for the branches aluminium and plastic processing as well as woodworking.


Already at this time the color of the CNC machining centres was white / blue. The color change of the standard machines happened later.


Establishing the MAKA GmbH for the import, distribution and service of standard carpentry machines, among others from Griggio.


Partnership with SCM expires.


The product SCM is exclusively sold in the south of Germany.


Establishing the office in Herford with its own show rooms, spare part stockrooms and technicians.


Beginning of the 'CNC-age' and the invention of high-speed milling spindle SK40, of the automatic tool changers and of the 5-axes-technology as a trend-setting development.


Patenting of the oscillating chisel mortiser.


Establishing the Max Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH by Max Mayer sen. (death in 2004) to make manual work in carpentries more simple, with the use of machines. Places of production were in Neu-Ulm and Nersingen, where they are still today.

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Stroke Sander
Band saw
Spindle moulder
Multirip saw
Combined surface/ thickness planing machine
Four side planer
Pendulum saw
Edge sanding machine
Thickness Planer
Surface planer
Slot boring machine
Dowel drilling machine
Milling-,drilling-,inserting machine for fittings
Wide belt sander
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