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Sensing of workpiece thickness

For wide belt sanders

Device at the infeed of the machine, which measures the thickness of the workpiece. Depending on the degree of automation the machine is automatically set up (raising or lowering the table or the sanding unit).

  • Technical implementation
  • * Set the machine to maximum working height, put the workpiece on the machine table to start measuring process, machine table or sanding unit adjusts automatically, start feed, workpiece will be sanded
  • The tracing is done mechanically by a limit switch. This may be adjusted higher or lower depending on the desired depth of cut.
  • Other methods of measurement: contactless via electrical or optical sensors
  • Alternative methods of measurement
  • Caliper gauge (manual, reading / adjusting errors not excluded)
  • Wireless measuring clamp, Bütfering, DMC, HOMAG

Alternative terms

  • Automatic thickness positioning, from CB
  • Thickness measurement, from Kündig
  • Electromechanical workpiece thickness adjustment, from Ernst
  • ENORMATIC, from Kündig, Enorm
  • ME 3000, from Bütfering
  • OTT optical scanning
  • SENSOMATIC, from Bütfering
  • SP-MATIC, from Sandingmaster
  • Workpiece thickness gauge, from Bütfering
  • Workpiece-thickness-adjustment automatic, from Kündig


Automatische Dickenpositionierung
Automatische Dickenpositionierung - Detail
SANDYA 900 - Abtastung der Werkstückdicke
SCM, 2015
kabelloses elektronisches Messgerät
SCM, 2017
Dickentastung mit Tastrolle
SAC, 1995
Fest installierte Tastglocke
Einwechselbares Tastaggregat
HOMAG, 2002
Werkstückbearbeitung mit Tastaggregat