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Georg Schwarzbeck GmbH & Co KG

Manufacturer of planers, based in Pinneberg (near Hamburg).



REX has about 85 employees and is managed by Hans-Joachim Schwarzbeck, the son of the founder, Christian and Joachim Schwarzbeck and Nadine Falkenberg, the grandsons and granddaughter of the founder.


Acquisition of the company by Hans-Joachim Schwarzbeck after death of his father Georg Schwarzbeck. Concentration on the production of planers.


Development of the first multi-side planing machine of the type HOMS, a planing machine with a constant and adjustable top. These were good conditions for cost-effective mechanization and linking with other machine units, such as in the developing glued wood industry. For this invention, REX received the Protection of Design from the German Patent Office that protects the work from imitators. Only after the period was over, also other manufacturers were able to use the constant table principle.


REX engineers develop the first REX-4-side planing machines series HO-4S and thereby opened up a new market area. At the same time the contact with the customers in glued wood, carpentry and sawmill industries were expanded.


Development and production of predominantly modern joinery and carpentry machines, among them about 25,000 machines in the REX triple combination D 3/54-D.


Establishment by engineer Georg Schwarzbeck; production of standard and combined machines. As a trademark for its products, they protected the name REX.

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Company locationPinneberg (DE)
Management (2019)Hans-Joachim Schwarzbeck, Christian Schwarzbeck & Joachim Schwarzbeck
Employees estimated (2019)85


REX, 2010

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Sharpening machine for planing and guillotine knifes
Thickness Planer
Combination machine
Adjuster for planing knives
Spindle moulder
Surface planer
Carpentry machine
Slot boring machine
Precision planing machine
Brushing machine
Bench saw
Sliding table saw
Tenoning machine
Sharpening machine for profile cutters
Combined surface/ thickness planing machine

Aggregates (1)

Wide planing machine