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324 kinds of machines
Saws, cutting machines
Carpentry machine
Carpentry saw bench
Notching saw
Firewood saw
Straight line edger
Log band saw
Mobile circular saw
Band saw
Double cut-off saw
Double mitre fence
Double mitre Saw
Mechanical fret saw
Thin-cutting saw
Double edging saw
Double spindle ripsaw
Sliding table saw
Veneer punch
Foil cutting machine
Veneer Saw
Frame saw
Glazing bead saw
Mitre punch
Cut-to-size plant for plastic window production
Cross cut saw
Rip saw
Multiblade slasher saw
Multirip saw
Mobile sawmill
Optimization cross-cut saw
Pendulum saw
Vertical panel saw
Radial arm saw
Cleaving machine
Rung saw
Saw line
Bench saw
Feed-through ripsaw
Undercut saw
Undercut drag saw
Circular log saw
Accessories for sawing machines
Planers, 4-sided moulders
Combined surface/ thickness planing machine
Surface planer
Beam planing machine
Wide planing machine
Thickness Planer
Super surfacer
Adjuster for planing knives
Fine finish planer
Calibrating milling machine
Four side planer
Routers, shapers, tenoners, profilers
Notching machine
Round end tenoner
Machinery for log house production
Machining centre for chairs
Double end tenoner
Dowel cutting and chamfering machine
Double-sided tenoner for solid wood
end milling machine
Milling-,drilling-,inserting machine for fittings
Patching machine for resin galls
Milling machine for window shutter grooves
Dovetail groove router
Carving machine
Combination machine
Copy milling machine for plastic window production
Carousel milling machine
Closed halving joint cutter
Linear shaper
Micro finger joint milling machine
Horizontal shaper
Arch routing device
Roller shutter insertion groove router
Arch routing machine
Round pole shaper
Moulding machine for curved handles
Spindle moulder
Door lock mortiser
Stair trencher
Outside profiling and moulding machine
Angular window machining centre
Water drainage router
Dovetailing machine
Tenoning machine
Double spindle moulder
End-matching machine
Drilling, mortising machines
Wood defect repairing machine
Knothole drilling machine
Fittings boring machine for windows
Hinge-hole boring machine
Dowel insertion device
Dowel inserting machine
Dowel drilling machine
Multi support drilling system for line and dowel drillings
Dowel drilling machine for frames
Chain mortiser
Slot boring machine
Multispindle slot boring machine
Multi-spindle drilling machine
Saw and boring combination machine
Pillar drilling machine
Pale drilling machine
Chisel mortiser
Deep-hole boring machine
Carpentry drilling machine
Joinery tenoner
Fitting insertion machine
CNC controlled lathe
Turning lathe
Sanding machine for turned workpieces
Threading machine
Automatic wood turning lathe
Turning lathe for short pieces
Frontal turning lathe
Sanding machines
Wide belt sander
Brushing machine
Narrow belt sanding machine
Dedusting machine
Moulding sanding machine
Sanding machine with granulate
Edge sanding machine
Stroke Sander
Sanding machine for wood strips
Profile sanding machine
Parquet sanding machine
Bench grinder
Disk sander
Denibbing sander for surfaces
Denibbing sander for frames
Polishing and buffing machine
CNC machining centres, robots
Machining centre for prefabricated houses
CNC boring center for window production
CNC boring automat
CNC machining centre
CNC-beam/jet cutting machine
Rod machining centre
Accessories, toolholders and clamps for CNC
Aggregates for CNC
CNC cutter
Edgebanding, edge processing
Corner rounding machine
Contour edgebander
Edgebander for door rebates
Edgebander for pre-coated edges
Edge processing automat
Edgebanding combination line
Edge coating machine
Edge milling machine
Postforming machine
Machine for transfer finish foil
Melting unit
Presses, clamps, joining machines
Cold press
Arch press
Feed-through press
Mitre connection machine
Multi deck gluing press
Feed-through veneer press
Combined veneer press
Veneer press
Moulding press
Veneer splicing machine
Wood bending machine
Manually operated spindle press
Foil lamination system
Edge press
Welding machine
Carcase clamp
Laminating Press
Perforated plate press
Membrane press
Punch for metal profiles
Fingerjointing Press
Nail truss facility
Nailing machine
Wood embossing machine
Frame jointing machine
Frame clamp
Drawer clamp
Hinge fixing machine
Glazing Press
Gluing clamp
Vacuum pressing
Clamp carrier
Assembly press for chairs and frames
Accessories for membrane presses
Surface coating
Staining and oiling system
Complete coating line for wooden windows
Flow coating line
Impregnation system
Gluing device
Glue spreader
Air humidification device
Curtain coater
Lacquering system
Lacquer recycling system
Lacquer drying system
Paint drying trolley
Roller coater
Profile wrapping machine
Ceiling conveyor with hooks
Spray booth
Spraying automat
Spraying device
Filler application machine
Spraying tunnel
Dipping tub
Printing machine
Accessories for surface coating
Heating, drying, waste chopping
Briquetting press
Spark extinguisher
Veneer dryer
Heating system
Pellet production line
Silo discharge
Dismountable silo
Drying device
Drying kiln
Hot-air furnace
Inlet air unit
Dust extraction, compressed air, vacuum
Dust extraction swing arm
Pressure vessel
Dust extraction
Paint spray extraction
Industrial vacuum cleaner
Condensate preparation
Freeze dryer
Mobile dust extraction
Sanding dust extraction
Vacuum pump
Accessories for dust extraction
Assembly, worktables
Fittings screw driver
Work table
Fittings mounting center
Fitting punch
Glazing bead fixing device
Work bench
Assembly table for prefabricated houses
Screw feeding device
Sealing automat
Mechanisation, storage, packing technology
Stacking and destacking device
Forklift truck
Glass racks
Hand pallet truck
Crane or lifting technology
Lifting table
Automatic panel storage & retrieval system
Roller table
Workpiece return conveyor
Sorting and stacking line
Transportation cart
Vacuum lifter
Packaging machine
Power feeder
Infeed device
Clamping tools
Tools, sharpening technology
Carbide tipped tooth stepping machine
Band saw welding machine
Band saw grinding machine
Tensioning and levelling machine for band saw blades
Sharpening machine for non-carbide-tipped circular saws
Eroding machine
Tool set for window production
Frame saw sharpening machine
Sharpening machine for Carbide tipped blades
Saw soldering machine
Sharpening machine for planing and guillotine knifes
Chain saw sharpening machine
Sharpening machine for profile cutters
Tooth setting machine
Sharpening machine for shank cutters
Swage machine
Carbide tipping machine
Tool measuring instrument
Tool washing machine
Tool set
Tool grinding machine
Planer/ moulder tools
Levelling machine
Production lines
Joinery machine
Aluminium window production
Line for prefabricated houses
Production line for carcase furniture
Line for veneer production
Wooden windows production line
Line for cable drum production
Finger jointing line
Glued timber production
Production line for pallets
Line for parquet production
Machinery for coffin production
Chipboard production
Line for door production
Chipper canter
Equipment, Other machines
Machine for folding systems
Window test bench
Insulation glass manufacturing line
Plastic processing
Welding bead furbishing machine
Metal processing
Circular saw for metal
Special machine
Power tool
Wood scanner
Wood and wood based materials
Positioning aid
Measuring equipment