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While most manufacturers of CNC-machining centres execute their Späneleiteinrichtungen for processing with high chip accumulation as changing unit, the manufacturer Format 4 offers a special interface on the C-Achse.

In this interface the chipping deflection plate can be used independently from each other.

In 2011 a varied interface has been introduced.

In around 2015 the interchanging facility for the chipping deflection plate has changed.


  • Cheap as in opposition interchangeable chipping deflection units can only use one chipping deflection plate for all tools.


  • The interface for the chipping deflection plate is firmly installed an cannot be retrofitted.
  • The interface is not normed and not compatible with other changing systems of any kind.

Immagini e video

Format 4 Späneleitschild mit Werkzeugwechsler, Variante ab 2015
FORMAT 4, 2017
Späneleitschild einer Profit H30
FORMAT 4, 2011
Späneleitschild bei der Werkstückbearbeitung
FORMAT 4, 2011
Schnittstelle für das Format 4 Späneleitschild ab 2011
FORMAT 4, 2017
Schnittstelle für das Format 4 Späneleitschild vor 2011
FORMAT 4, 2009
Format 4 Späneleitschild an der Spindel
FORMAT 4, 2011
Späneleitschild in Halterung einer Profit H30, Schnittstelle ab 2011
FORMAT 4, 2011
Format 4 Späneleitschild

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