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SCM Group

World's leading manufacturer of CNC-machining centres , four side planers, moulders, double end tenoners, tenoning machines, CNC routers, wide belt sanders, drilling machines, edgebanders, beamsaws and standard joinery machines, located in the Italian Rimini. The main office in Germany is located in Nürtingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, another in Bad Oeynhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia.



From 2017 on all machines in the SCM group under the manufacturer's name SCM are being marketed. Thus the CNC-machines by MORBIDELLI for example, the panel sizing machines by GABBIANI or the edgebanders by STEFANI are carrying the SCM logo. Old brands today stay as brandnames.


SCM has taken over the German CNC-machine manufacturer HG GRIMME and bought 51% of their shares.

31th May 2011

CMS Industries and SCM Group take over the company Balestrini, which becomes a part of CMS Industries. The production facility remains as manufacturing place and Antonio Balestrini stays CEO.


Closure/merger of five machines factories - radical internal changes, many small production plants consolidated


Management is re-formed in July: at the top now Giovanni Gemmani, 45 years old, the company receives with about 3.800 employees 700 Million EUR turnover


Casadei Macchine S.r.l., Sergiani S.p.A. - Leopida and RE.M srl are adopted and the rest of the Delmac Group (CELASCHI, SAG S.p.A., Busellato S.p.A., Bonacin, C.P.C. s.r.l., Mayer, Omal)


Distribution partnership with Niemann company in northern Germany


SCM buys Superfici Elmag-Valtorta


Development of the 5-axis CNC head, building of the sales and service center SCM Group Germany GmbH in Nürtingen (near Stuttgart)


50-year anniversary, SCM acquires the manufacturer CMS Industries


white painted machines replace the green appearance


ROUTECH is integrated into SCM


SCM buys IDM and Stefani

about 1988

The light green/dark green paint replaced the machine color brown


MORBIDELLI, DMC and MAHROS are integrated into SCM


Establishing of the SCM branch in Germany; GABBIANI MACCHINE is integrated into the SCM Group

about 1985

Starting with beamsaws (GABBIANI MACCHINE builds - designed for industrial use - beamsaws and SCM the machines for crafts/ small scale production)


SCM machines get a brown coat; very successful period of sales; Mini-Max and Samco are integrated into the SCM Group


The ST3 and the ST2C are successful models


for the middle and big industry, automatic and semi-automatic machines are being manufactured.


Spindle moulder the T160 is built


Participation in international exhibitions; range of standard machines, such as thickness planers, surface planers, combination machines and spindle moulders already exists


The first machines were exported to Germany


Founded by Lanfranco Aureli, Nicola and Giuseppe Gemmani, who should build an innovative wood processing machine for small businesses to defy the tough German, French and competition the tough German, French and England defy; the first woodworking machine is built - a 5-way combination machine, named B5 'Línvincibile' = 'The Invincible'


Agricultural machines are built

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Documents (30)



Feed-through veneer press
Stacking and destacking device
Carcase clamp
Angular window machining centre
Wooden windows production line
Multi support drilling system for line and dowel drillings
Four side planer
Machining centre for prefabricated houses
Packaging machine
Slot boring machine
Automatic panel storage & retrieval system
Joinery machine
Workpiece return conveyor
Feed-through press
5-axes CNC router
Tool changer
Chisel mortiser
Contour edgebander
Nesting machine
Angular system
Brushing machine
Outside profiling and moulding machine
Infeed device
multi rip saw
Boring aggregate
Vertical panel saw
Segmental pressure pad
Corner rounding machine
Sharpening machine for profile cutters
Postforming machine
Veneer press
Glue system
Adjuster for planing knives
Edge sanding machine
Turning lathe
Stroke Sander
Disk sander
Cross cut saw
Rotary device
Turning device
Vacuum lifter
Cross-cut saw
Dowel drilling machine for frames
End-matching machine
Sliding table beamsaw
Linear shaper
Chain mortiser
CNC machining centre for windows/doors
Mould press
Embossing press
Laminating Press

Software (31)

Controls (40)

Aggregates (81)

Flush trimming/radius/chamfer milling aggregate
Angular window machining centre
Trimming saw
Segmental pressure pad
Premilling unit
Tool changer
Universal milling aggregate
Planer aggregate
Cross sanding unit
Wide belt sander
Chevron belt unit
Sanding pad aggregate
CNC machining centre
Disc brush unit
satin-finishing brush
Orbital sanding unit