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Otto Kleiner Inh. M. Albus Nachfolger GmbH & Co.

The German company formerly known as Otto Kleiner Maschinenbau and have produced turning lathes for Hapfo (Pfohl-GmbH & Co. KG) for a long time. The production of turning lathes has been continued first by the Neu-Ulmer-machine construction company Schmiedel Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH and since 2006 by the company gh-tec.



Delivery of the first CNC-fully automatic machine CHALLENGE 2000

Selling the machine construction business Otto Kleiner / Albus to the company SCHMIEDEL Maschinen- u. Fahrzeugbau GmbH in Neu-Ulm


Building the first CNC-controlled turning lathe


The 1000th lathing machine leaves the plant in Mindelheim. The type name reflect the initials of the partner firm Albus und Pfohl, e.g. AP3000, AP5000, AP6000 etc.


First hydraulic copying lathe


Production start of the hapfo lathing machine; The worldwide distribution runs exclusively until 2006 via the company hapfo, founded by Herr Hans Pfohl (independent company).


Herr Hans Albus dies and daughter Margot Albus takes over the company's lead, which from this point on is calles "Firma Otto Kleiner Inh. M. Albus Nachf., GmbH & Co. KG"


The current company owner Otto Kleiner dies in WW II. After the war his wife Maria Kleiner (née Fröhlich) marries Herr Hans Albus. This marriage results in a child, their daughter Margot Albus.


Founding the company by purchasing the hammer mill by Konrad Kleiner in Mindelheim.

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Otto Kleiner, Logo ca. 1900
Logo (Albus, ca. 1990)