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Unit interface

Interface on CNC-machining centres for the connection with change-over units.

Various Designs

Torque support

  • Simple device for fixing the gearbox of angular aggregates
  • Processing only in a fix angle

Special type

Some machines are equipped with more than one torque support. Furthermore, the change positions of the 'tool changers' are characterised by the torque supports that are arranged at different angles. So, angular aggregates can be exchanged at different angles. This system is rarely used due to complicated tool handling.

C-axis as positioning axis

Positionning of the torque support and consequently inclusion of the aggregate is possible at any angle by the means of a gearbox and a servomotor.

Changing the positioning angle during the motion of other axes (interpolation) is not possible.

Interface with interpolating C-axis

The torque support can be turned through 360 degrees around the main spindle, driven by a servomotor. This rotary motion is adjustable in order to enable simultaneous mouvements and interpolation with the other axes. Thus, for example, horizontal milling is possible with permanently changeable angle.

Interface with pneumatics and electronics

By the means of integrated interfaces, aggregates can be supplied with compressed air and control signals. In consequence, there is a wide range of other applications (e.g. edgebanding).

Special type for 4./5. axis

In the late 2000s, several manufacturers developed interfaces for special change-over units, which provide a 5th positioning axis by using the drive of the C-axis (or a different CNC-axis).


Models of aggregate interfaces, appropriate for CNC- machine manufacturers:


Aggregateschnittstelle mit Pneumatik- u. Elektronikversorgung...
HOMAG, 2002
... und ein passendes Aggregat
HOMAG, 2002
Versch. Aggregateschnittstellen
Verschiedene Aggregateschnittstellen
BENZ, 2018