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ISO 30

ISO30 is a standard for the design of a tool interface with steep-angle taper and holding bolts for tool machines, such as CNC machining centers.


The steep-angle taper shank has no self-locking and thus, provides the most important requirement for an automatic tool change. Furthermore, this is allowed because of the bolt located on its top.

The steep-angle taper according to standard ISO30 has a relatively compact design and therefore, can often be found in smaller and lighter CNC-machining centres. Because of the relatively small contact area and the resulting lower clamping forces, it is only of limited suitability for heavy milling; this is where ISO40 is mostly used. However, for processing at high speeds it is more suitable, due to its lower mass.

Since the mid-2000s, the steep-angle taper is hardly used for new machines, because it was replaced by the hollow shaft taper (HSK-F63).

A special form of the ISO30 steep-angle taper is found in the circular toothing developed by SCM/Morbidelli which shall guarantee an additional anti-distortion security.

Alternative terms

  • ISO 30
  • Steep-angle taper
  • Steep-angle taper holder
  • SK 30
  • SK30


ISO 30
Vergleich ISO30 und ISO40