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WEINIG PowerLock

Tool interface HSK 85 (positive taper) on moulders, spindle moulders and four side planers, made by Weinig


  • PowerLock cutterheads: Compact tool with standard planer knife or turnplate cutter up to max. 12000 rpm
  • PowerLock profile cutter heads: compact tool with pressure screw-clamps or serrated back profile knives, up to max. 12000 rpm
  • PowerLock Arbor: multipart tool with arbor for holding conventional drilling tools such as cutters, max. 8000 rpm
  • PowerLock milling cutters: one-piece profile cutter or collet holder for router bits PowerLock surface and profile grinding tools
  • PowerLock Blank pieces: cover the HSK interface of not working spindles
  • Dual PowerLock: compound heads; the aluminium body is shrunk on a steel block, resulting in effective weight reduction

See also:

  • HSK technology (SCM moulders SUPERSET NT , angle plant Windor 40 R)
  • HSK80F interface on Homag, Leadermac moulders


PowerLock Schnittstelle
PowerLock Fräsdorn
PowerLock Profilfräser
Vorabrichtfräser Powerlock-Hobelkopf (CarbideTool)
Weinig Dual Powerlock
WEINIG, 2009