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Sanding of workpieces to a pre-set thickness, while simultaneously eliminating all irregularities of the workpiece surface. This operation is particularly needed before applying veneer cover layers to wooden panels.

By using steel or hard rubber rollers, a dimensionally accurate workpiece thickness is reached, while, at the same time, working with high removal rates. There will be no wash-out effect of the early/late wood portions when sanding softwoods using steel rollers. The rubber hardness is given in '° Shore'.

Machine settings

  • Table set to "fixed", pressure rollers set to "floating"
  • The workpiece is ground to the pre-set thickness. Depending on the original thickness, more than one sanding run or more sanding aggregates may be necessary.

Alternative terms

  • Contact roller
  • Steel contact roller
  • Rubber contact roller
  • Equalize


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WEBER, 2016