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Edgebanding aggregate

Refers to a device on CNC-machining centres for coating the narrow sides of plate-shaped workpieces. There are different concepts and types of constructions of machines to achieve this goal.

This concept is primarily used for coating freely formed workpieces, since conventional edgebanders can only coat straight edges of workpieces during through-feed.

Models with fixed workpiece and movable aggregate

The more frequently used models are similar to conventional CNC machining centers. They do have an additional aggregate, which applies adhesive to the material that will be put on the edges and provides exact gluing. Aggregates, which are exchangeable by the working spindle are used for edge finishing.

Often, such machines do have a magazine for coiled edgebands and an automatic cutting device, simpler versions have to be manually loaded with pre-cut stripes.

For quality reasons, versions without their own glue application are rather rarely used. There, pre-coated edgematerial would have to be used, which would be re-activated by an infrared lamp or hot air fan.

Another feature is the ability to create joint edges. Therefore, an absolutely dimensionally stable and precise rectangular cutting of the edgematerial is necessary. This is especially important for round workpieces, since here edges cannot be glued without joint.

There are two different models with movable edgebanding aggregate:

  • The edgebanding aggregate is firmly installed on the machine and has its own separate drive as well as its own aggregates support with separate Y- and Z-axis. This causes relatively high costs, but is a very convenient solution.
  • The edgebanding aggregate is designed as aggregate for tool changer which can be inserted into the working spindle and is supplied with compressed air and electricity by an aggregate interface.

Models with fixed aggregates and movable workpiece

Less often used is a solution where no edgebanding aggregate in the proper sense exists. Here, a firmly installed edgebander is integrated into the machine frame as well as devices necessary for edge finishing, like trimming saw, milling machine and scraper. The workpiece is passed by the necessary aggregates for processing by a vacuum lifter, and moved on CNC axes.

The advantage of this procedure is that the aggregates, firmly installed in the machine frame, inherently have low vibration.

The biggest disadvantage is the high demand on space and the limitations for processing large workpieces, since the workpiece may have to be led around the aggregates entirely.

Alternative term

  • Gluing aggregate

Images and Videos

Beschichten eines Formteils mit Kantenmaterial auf einem CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum
HOMAG, 2014
Kantenanleimaggregat fest installiert
Kantenanleimaggregat im Maschinenbett
Bewegung des Werkstücks per Vakuumgreifer
Kantennachbearbeitung mit Ziehklinge
Parkstation mit Klebervorschmelzbehälter
Fest installiertes Kantenanleimaggregat mit eigener Y-Achse
Kantenanleimaggregat Homag easyEdge mit Kantennachbearbeitung