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Machine for the application of edge band on slim surfaces of panel material mostly in the furniture production. The processing is carried out in the through-feed, normally with the aim of sealing a cut surface, e.g. of chip boards or light construction panels. Depending on the requirements for the edge and the joint, different material, aggregates and jointing technology are used. According to this, there is a wide range of equipment options and construction sizes for this machine type.


Gluing System In most cases the glue is applicated by means of a roller or a nozzle. The glues PUR orEVA are normally used, rarely the PVAC glue.
Pre-coated edges This edge material is already pre-coated with glue; for the gluing the edge must simply be heated.
Laser or Plasma Here also special edge material is used: Laser or plasma heats a thin layer of the material which glues after freezing and solidifying; there is no visible joint (see also {Joint Zero;21082{].


Banding procedures in continuous flow

The edge processing units and the supports of the upper pressure are mounted on an elongated base . On the long side of the basement the feeding chain and the pull-out work piece support is installed. The switch boxes for the electrical and pneumatic are installed in the basement. Top pressure and acoustic enclosures complete the machine.

Edge banders can be divided into the following sections, yet depending on the equipment not all sections are available.

  • Formating zone
  • At edge banders the formating zone usually consists only of a premilling unit, milling the panel edge straight and splinter-free. At soft forming machines, a unit for edge profiling may be added in this section.
  • Gluing zone
  • Glue spreading to the workpiece edge or the edge band by the glue application unit or reactivation of the adhesive on precoated edge material; the edge band is available in the edge magazine as fixed length or coiled.
  • Pressure Zone
  • Assembly of workpiece and the edge band in the pressure zone by pressure rollers. The pressure causes such a strong bonding, that the finishing process can be done afterwards.
  • Postprocessing
  • Trimming of the front and back overhang using the trimming saws, milling of the upper and lower overhang and chamfers or radius by the Flush/radius/ chamfer milling units; with the help of a corner rounding unit the edges in the region of the workpiece corners can be rounded.
  • Finish
  • Scraper unit and buffing unit remove glue residue, knife marks and polish the glued edge. With a smoothing unit stress whitening can be removed from PVC edge bands. Edge sanding aggregates are smoothing solid wood edges.
  • Workpiece return
  • The processing being finished, the workpiece can be returned to the in-feed side of the machine (e.g. to the user).

Special Versions

Softforming machine For coating profiled edges; special aggregates are needed.
Suitable for gluing support edges For light construction where special support edges are required for the stabilisation of the panels.

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