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Edge sanding machine

Machine type used for the sanding of workpiece edges.

Construction and working method

The main component of edge sanding machines is the edge sanding aggregate, consisting of a feed roller, a deflection roller and a circumferential sanding belt. In double-sided edge sanding machines on side of the aggregate is designed for the sanding of solid wood edges and the other side is equipped with a sanding pad required for the sanding of veneered edges. In single-sided machines it is possible to change from solid wood sanding to veneer sanding by adapting the aggregate. For sanding of inclined edges it is possible to tilt the aggregate, but only by using high-quality systems. The bevel grinding can be executed in some machines by tilting the working table. For better utilization of the sanding belt it is possible to adjust the height of the sanding aggregate.

In special edition edgebanding machines can be applied for the high-quality coating on edges Kanten.


  • For processing of format parts: abrasive sleeve for the attachment onto the drive roller, additional table to place the workpiece at the abrasive sleeve.
  • Mitre stop for the exact angular sanding of workpieces with mitre
  • Feeding unit for serial production
  • Chamfer aggregat

Automatic edge sanding machine

Machines which equal the profile sanding machine in their framework and are only equipped with one belt sanding unit for straight edges are called automatic edge sanding machines.

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SCHMID, 1971
KÜNDIG, 2012
Aggregat für Furnierschliff
Aggregat für Massivholzschliff
OT 2000

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