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Edge banders refer to the stripe-shaped material of solid wood or plastic which are being affixed with adhesives for protection and decoration of the narrow sides from workpieces of wood materials

Alternative terms

  • Edge
  • Edge material
  • Edgings


Workpieces of solid wood can be easily polished and varnished and oiled, respectively. Workpiece surfaces and edges become therefore smooth, pretty and more or less damage-, and water-proof. It's different with workpieces of wood materials. In many cases, the narrow sides are quite sensitive compared to the mechanic influence, basically absorbing water and seeming unsightly. By affixing edgebanders the decoration will be protected.


  • massive wood strips
  • Venen as strips and rolled goods
  • plastic as strips and rolled goods
  • aluminium strips

Every edge material will be referred to as rolled goods which is available in rolled in form due to its broad length and high flexibility.

Striped good refers to the edge material which is available in form of straight bars and profiles, respectively.

alternative term: fixed length

edge banding procedure

Customary edge material will be mainly processed by edge banders in the manual and industrial production.

Before the nationwide introduction of edge banders, the edges had been glued with edge presses. Edge presses can also be used today with individual production and restoration work.

For the handymen and craftsmen, respectively, who only glues on edges occasionally, the edge material pre-coated with hot-melt adhesives will be offered as rolled goods. The hot-melt adhesive will be activated by the heat of the iron or the hot air gun and the edge material will be affixed to the workpiece under pressure.


After affixing the edge material, edge banding height and workpiece thickness have to be in accordance with each other. Besides the steps of the post-processing of the edge bander, the flat sanding of workpiece materials with solid wood adhesives on wide belt sanders should be especially mentioned. Normally, the edge bander is harder than the plate material. Sandig machines, which are equipped with segmental pressure pads and varying edge segment control offer a considerable advantage.

Additional terms


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