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HOMAG easyEdge

Edgebanding aggregate

Exchangeable aggregate for edgebanding on CNC-machining centres, which was introduced by HOMAG in 2005.

In the mid-1990s, HOMAG presented the machining center Genius B 30, which had been designed as a cheap alternative to the former processing centers with firmly installed edgebanding aggregate and second Y-axis. For this processing center two different types of exchangeable edgebanding aggregates were available:

These aggregates have since been continuously developed.

In 2005, HOMAG introduced the following designations:

  • powerEdge as successor to the 360° aggregate
  • easyEdge as successor to the 4-side aggregate

In the years from 2005 to about 2010, the construction has been revised several times; for example, briefly, a system with adhesive cartridges was used, a version for pre-coated edges also existed.

Since about 2009, the variously as "easyEdge 2" designated aggregate was produced. In this further development, various functions were relocated to the resting position. Therefore, for the first time, the aggregate could be used without the electronic and pneumatic supply of the enlarged aggregate interface. Thus, an edgebanding aggregate, which could be used on all Homag machining centers with C-axis, was available for the first time.

Different versions of the easyEdge aggregate, including the easyEdge2, have no own heating for the adhesive. This is located in the resting position. Thus, more rest time for the heating of hot melt adhesive is always required.

In the simplest version, the easyEdge aggregate only processes pre-cut stripes; in a further stage of development, it can already cut and process edge material from roles. With easyEdge it is not possible to process joint edges. However, it is possible to glue them on and to rework them with a separately offered manual shear aggregate.

Images and Videos

Kantenanleimaggregat Homag Easy Edge
HOMAG, 2006
easyEdge-Aggregat 2011
easyEdge Parkstation
easyEdge Patronensystem
HOMAG, 2007
EASYEDGE 2 im Pick-up Wechsler eines BMG 511
HOMAG, 2016
Kantenanleimaggregat Homag easyEdge mit Kantennachbearbeitung

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